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Using Headsets

Why you need them and our recommendations

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The use of a headset with integrated mic is highly recommended. This is the best way to provide acoustic isolation the between speaker and microphone, otherwise you risk hearing an echo on the line.

Your teams are spending much of their day with headsets on. Uncomfortable headsets can be distracting and even negatively impact performance and quality of work. Youโ€™ll want a pair of light headsets with soft ear cushions/pieces and adjustable bands to ensure maximum comfort.

We recommend the following:

Please note: Although some of these models may come with a USB adapter, we recommend using the 3.5mm jack instead. We also don't advise using Bluetooth or other wireless headsets as they are more likely to fail, or cause audio issues including missing speech or delays.

If you attach a headset to your computer, you will need to make sure the device was selected as the output source in the settings and your computer. You might need to re-launch the browser after the device is plugged in.

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