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How to use Nudges?

Realtime or scheduled new call alerts

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What are Nudges?

Nudges allow you to subscribe and receive emails or Slack notifications periodically for conversations that are matching certain criteria set by you. For example, you can create a nudge to receive every call that mentions your key competitors or every demo that results in closed lost.

How to create a nudge?

  1. Select your filters from the left-hand side menu;

  2. Click the "Save" or "Get Notified" option at the top of the page;

  3. Name your search and click "Create a new nudge";

  4. Choose a frequency (how often would you like to be notified) and expire in (when would you like them to stop);

  5. Click the "Save" button to save the nudge.

How to edit/delete a nudge?

You can easily delete or edit a nudge by going to OnDemand -> Search bar on the top left -> Choose a nudge -> Click on the edit icon. Here is an example:

When will I receive a notification for each frequency?

Please find below the respective time when you will receive the subscription email for each frequency type:

  1. Instantly - For every matching conversation, you’ll receive a notification as soon as the call or meeting is ready to review;

  2. Daily - You will be notified at midnight* each day

  3. Weekly - The emails will be sent at midnight* each Monday;

  4. Bi-weekly - At midnight* on Monday every other week;

  5. Monthly - Midnight* on the last day of each month.

*All times are in your local timezone

How will I receive my nudge?

You have two ways to receive nudges. These are email and Slack. If you choose email, you will receive emails as per the frequency you selected and if you choose Slack, you will receive the notifications for the new content there.

Popular saved searches to try with Nudges:

  • Calls that mention pricing or cost negotiation

  • Calls that match a specific Activity Types (eg Discovery Calls) from a new starter (set expiry in 3 months)

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