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Improve your Discovery using Questions

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 28th, 2021

Get insight into discovery across your conversations

We find that the biggest area for improvement in the sales process is qualification and discovery, where opportunity is often created.
We created the Questions feature to give you even more insight into what is happening in your teams conversations. By analyzing your calls and meetings, Jiminny can highlight the number of questions asked by your team or customer, and let you listen back to those specific moments. Get insight into questions that were:
  • Asked by Rep
  • Asked by Customer
  • Insightful¬†-> the Customer paused to think before responding
  • Engaging -> the Customer replied with a longer monologue
To help you uncover where to listen to calls, we give you a quick preview of Questions from the OnDemand page.

For the full list, you can see these questions under Points of Interest on the playback page for your calls and meetings.

Want to look for where to coach? In OnDemand, you can quickly create powerful filters based on deal stage and number of questions asked.

What's next?

Soon you'll also be able to get notified when a threshold of questions asked in a conversation is met.
We're also improving visibility of questions asked in Playback.