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Updated May 8th, 2024 by Daniel Wilson

Jiminny Salesforce Application Admin Setup

Welcome to the future of Jiminny in Salesforce. What a time to be alive!  This article is made up of two main sections: Installation and Setup. If you have already installed the package, please skip to Setup.  Before installation, you must reach out to your Jiminny CSM to obtain your Bearer token! The Salesforce Application will not work without thi...

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Updated May 22nd, 2024 by Daniel Wilson

Jiminny Salesforce Application Installation Steps

Warning If the solution is in a managed package, you can’t change certain Salesforce components after you install them. Managed packages also have a namespace prefix that is prepended to all uniquely named components, such as custom fields. For more information on namespace prefixes, see Register a Namespace Prefix. Reminder from Salesforce - Only o...

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